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Professor Vishanth Weerakkody

PositionAssociate Dean, Planning and Resources
LocationEmm Lane
DepartmentFaculty of Management and Law
Telephone+44 (0)1274 234426
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Research Interests (key words only)

Digital Governance, Public Sector Policy Making, Process Transformation, Social Innovation, Organisational Change, Skills and Capacity Building

PhD Supervision

Digital Governance, Public Sector Policy Making, Process Transformation, Social Innovation, Organisational Change, Skills and Capacity Building.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Employability and Enterprise 


Professor Vishanth Weerakkody joined the School of Management at University of Bradford in March 2017 as Professor in Management Information Systems and Governance.

He was previously a Professor of Digital Governance at the Business School in Brunel University, London where he held several leadership roles.

Prior to his academic career, Prof Weerakkody worked in a number of multinational organisations, including IBM UK. He has a successful track record of Research and Enterprise and has secured numerous research grants from funding bodies such as the European Commission (FP7 & H2020), Economic and Social Research Council, Qatar Foundation and UK Local Government.

His R&D expertise spans several disciplines including, management decision making, ICT evaluation, public administration, social Innovation and process transformation.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Electronic Government Research and a Handling Editor for Information Systems Frontiers.  He is a Chartered IT Professional and Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.

Study History

  • PhD, University of Hertfordshire
  • MSc, City University London

Professional History

Brunel University London:
Professor of Digital Governance and Director of External Collaboration and Outreach, Director Brunel Business Life Employability Programme, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Director of Work Placements, Brunel Business School

Methods and Process Analyst, Consultancy and Technology Solutions Division, North Harbour, Portsmouth

Professional Activities

  • Managing Funded R&D Projects
  • Consultancy 
  • Journal Editorship

Research Areas

  • Digital Governance
  • Management Decision Making 
  • Public Sector Policy Making
  • Business Transformation and Process Reengineering 
  • Social Innovation
  • Organisational Change
  • Skills and Capacity Building
  • E-Participation
  • Digital Diplomacy
  • Co-Creation
  • ICT Adoption, Diffusion and Evaluation

Current Projects

  • EU H2020: 2016-2018: EMPATIA - Enabling Multichannel Participation Through ICT Adaptations, Reference Number: 687920, PI, Grant Total €1,483,625
  • EU FP7: 2014-2018: ‘SI-DRIVE’ – Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change’, EU Reference Number: 612870.PI, Grant Total €460,000
  • ESRC: 2016-2017: Being in the Digital Age – Scoping Study, PI, Grant Total: £8000
  • QNRF: 2015-2018: A Life Long Learning Framework for Enhancing Graduate Attributes and Continuous Professional Development in Qatar, Reference Number: NPRP No.: 7 - 1534 - 5 – 231, Qatar National Research Fund, PI, Grant Total: US $221,244
  • Local Government: Cranford Stronger Together: Consultancy Project: £13,250

Research Collaborations

  • Local Government: Cambridge Council, Bradford City Council, Hounslow Council
  • Qatar Foundation 
  • Qatar University
  • Ministry of Public Health, Qatar
  • Ministry of Interior, Qatar
  • Technical University of Delft, Netherlands
  • OTE Group, Athens
  • RedZinc, Dublin
  • OneSource, Portugal
  • Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Technical University of Dortmund
  • International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development (IKED, Sweden)
  • European School of Social Innovation
  • TNO, Netherlands
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS, India)
  • The Young Foundation (YF, United Kingdom)
  • Democracy 2.1 (D21), Czech Republic


See Professor Weerakkody's publications on Bradford Scholars.

Chartered Association of Business Schools ABS 3 (REF 2021)


  • Mahmood, M., Weerakkody, V. and Cheng, W. (2018), The Role of ICT in the Transformation of Government and Citizen Trust, International Review of Administrative Sciences, Forthcoming
  • Al-Muftah, H., Weerakkody, V., Rana, N.P., Sivarajah, U. and Irani, Z. (2018), Factors influencing e-diplomacy implementation: Exploring causal relationships using interpretive structural modelling, Government Information Quarterly,
  • Muhammad, S. S., Dey, B. L., & Weerakkody, V. (2018). Analysis of factors that influence customers’ willingness to leave big data digital footprints on social media: A systematic review of literature. Information Systems Frontiers, 20(3), 559-576.
  • Kizgin, H., Jamal, A., Rana, N., Weerakkody, V. and Dwivedi, Y. (2018), The Impact of Social Networking Sites on Socialization and Political Engagement: Role of Acculturation, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, DOI: 10.1016/j.techfore.2018.09.010
  • Haddadeh, R., Weerakkody, V., Osmani, M., Thakker, D. and Kapoor, K. (2018), Examining Citizens’ Perceived Value of Internet of Things Technologies in Facilitating Public Sector Services Engagement, Government Information Quarterly,
  • Mahroof, K., Weerakkody, V., Onkal, D. and Hussain, Z. (2018), Technology as a disruptive agent: Intergenerational perspectives, DOI: 10.1007/s10796-018-9882-3
  • Weerakkody, V., Kapoor, K., Irani, Z. and Balta, M. (2017), Factors Influencing User Acceptance of Public Sector Big Open Data, Production Planning and Control, 28 (11-12), 891 - 905
  • Sivarajah, U., Kamal, M.M., Irani, I. and Weerakkody, V. (2017), Critical analysis of Big Data challenges and analytical methods, Journal of Business Research, Volume 70, 263-286,
  • Weerakkody, V., Omar, A., El-Haddadeh, R. and Al-Busaidy, M. (2017), Digitally Enabled Service Transformation in the Public Sector: The Lure of Institutional Pressure and Strategic Response Towards Change, Government Information Quarterly, 33(4): 658-668
  • Alzahrani, L.A., Al-Karaghouli, W. and Weerakkody, V. (2017), Analysing the Critical Factors Influencing Trust in E-government Adoption from Citizens' Perspective: A Systematic Review and A Conceptual Framework, International Business Review, 26(1), 64–175
  • Dwivedi, Y.K., Janssen, M., Slade, M., Rana, N., Weerakkody, V., Millard, J., Hidders, J. and Snijders, D. (2017), Driving Innovation through Big Open Linked Data (BOLD): Exploring Antecedents using Interpretive Structural Modelling, Information Systems Frontiers, 19(2), 197-212
  • Dwivedi, Y.K., Shareef, M.A., Simintiras, A.C., Lal, B. and Weerakkody, V. (2016), Be A generalised adoption model for services: A cross-country comparison of mobile health (m-health), Government Information Quarterly, 33 (1), 174-187
  • Sivarajah, S., Irani, Z. and Weerakkody, V. (2016), Evaluating the Use and Impact of Web 2.0 Technologies in Local Government, Government Information Quarterly, 32(4), 473-487
  • Kuah, A.T.H. and Weerakkody, V. (2015), Is cost transparency necessarily good for consumers? European Journal of Marketing, 49(11), 198-1986
  • Rana, N., Dwivedi, Y., Williams, M. and Weerakkody, V. (2016), Adoption of online public grievance redressal system in India: Toward developing a unified view. Computers in Human Behaviour 59, 265-282.
  • Rana, N.P., Dwivedi, Y.K., Williams, M.D and Weerakkody, V. (2015), Investigating success of an e-government initiative: Validation of an integrated IS success model, Information Systems Frontiers, 17(1), 127-142,
  • Weerakkody, V., Irani, Z., Lee, H., Osman, I. and Hindi, N. (2015), E-government implementation: A bird’s eye view of issues relating to costs, opportunities, benefits and risks, Information Systems frontiers, 17(4), 889-915
  • Osman, I. H., Anouze, A.L., Irani, Z., Al-Ayoubi, B., Lee, H., Balcı, A., Medeni, T.D. and Weerakkody, V. (2014), COBRA framework to evaluate e-government services: A citizen-centric perspective, Government Information Quarterly 31(1), 243–256
  • Weerakkody, V., Irani, Z., Kapoor, K., Sivarajah, S. and Dwivedi, Y.K. (2017), Open Data and its Usability: An Empirical view from the Citizen’s Perspective, Information Systems Frontiers, 19(2), 285–300


ABS 2 *

  • Weerakkody, V., El-Haddadeh, R., Sivarajah, S., Molnar, A. and Omar, A. (2018), A Case Analysis of E-Government Service Delivery through a Service Chain Dimension, International Journal of Information Management, Forthcoming
  • Weerakkody, V. Irani, Z., Lee, H. (2016), Are the UK Citizens Satisfied with eGovernment Services? Identifying and Testing Antecedents of Satisfaction, Information Systems Management, 33(4), 331-343
  • Carter, L., Weerakkody, V., Phillips; B. and Dwivedi, Y.D. (2016), Citizen Adoption of E-Government Services: Exploring Citizen Perceptions of Online Services in the US and UK, Information Systems Management, 33(2), 124-140.
  • Osmani, M., Weerakkody, V., Hindi, N.M., Al‐Esmail, R., Eldabi, T., Kapoor, K. and Irani, Z. (2015), Identifying the trends and impact of graduate attributes on employability: a literature review, Tertiary Education and Management, 21(4), 367-379
  • Rana, N.P., Weerakkody, V., Dwivedi, Y.K. and Piercy, N (2014), Profiling Existing Research on Social Innovation in the Public Sector, Information Systems Management, 31(3), 259-273
  • Kapoor, K., Dwivedi, Y., Piercy, N.C., Lal, B. and Weerakkody, V. (2014), RFID integrated systems in libraries: extending TAM model for empirically examining the use, Journal of Enterprise Information Management 27 (6), 731-758


Further 150+ papers, including ABS 3/2/1 * available upon request

Public/Academic/Stakeholder Engagement

Lead Discussant and Keynotes (2016/17)

  • Major Cities in Europe, Zagreb: Public Sector Project failures - a new solution? 
  • Digital Leaders UK Saloons: Getting it right from the start. Why digital projects fail, Nov 2011; Digital Government, Jan 2017
  • British Computer Society: The Changing Role of Consultancy in Modern Businesses and Digital Governments, Oct 2016
  • Local Public Services CIO Council: Digital Transformation & Smart Places, Dec 2016

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