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Bradford Centre for Business in Society

Promoting social responsibility and sustainable development in businesses, and examining implications for leadership, strategy and change in organisations

Bradford Centre for Business in Society (BCBiS) is concerned with issues such as business ethics and CSR, corporate governance, labour relations and remuneration, accounting and legal practices, and sustainability.

BCBiS examines the relationship between corporations and the societies within which they operate, the ethical position of modern corporations in different societal contexts and corporate social responsibility as a value-laden and strategic phenomenon.

Our research informs decision makers in government, companies and finance houses of the changing nature of business responsibilities and the merits of social responsiveness.

BCBiS aims to examine, on an ongoing basis, the incidence, determinants, and consequences of firm social responsiveness in order to stimulate the efficient management of social issues within business organisations.

The centre has close links with the Centre for Circular Economy, which examines how to re-use finite resources, in association with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


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