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Our Members

BCBiS is a multidisciplinary group. Our members hold a wide range of research interests from a variety of research traditions, all with focus on the relationship between business and society.

The current BCBiS related research interests of our members include the following:

  • Reza Abdi – Supply chain and risk management in humanitarian operations management; supply chain and humanitarian society; environmental issues and environmental management in urban areas in developing economies, conflicts and water management in developing countries
  • Jiachen (Ann) Hou - Impact of big data on operations, knowledge management & decision making for SMEs, sustainable supply chain, Business process and IT alignment.
  • George Magkonis – econometric approaches to business and society problems
  • Deirdre McQuillan - Internationalisation of architecture and community perceptions
  • Jyoti Mishra – sustainability in supply chain (triple bottom line) – emerging economies ; activity theory
  • William Onzivu (currently working with the United Nations University) - human health protection objective in environmental law and regulation; Climate Change Diplomacy and small island states
  • Stuart Roper – Brands that do good; brands and litter; brands and self-esteem and impact; imprinting on foreign architecture (societal imprint) as creative industry
  • Abhijit Sharma – Environmental and resource economics; corruption in private sector organisations
  • Andrew Smith - understanding working lives, the transformation of work and the on-going challenges of articulating work-life ‘balance’; public sector employment change, privatisation; ‘lean’ working methods; low-pay
  • Jean-Marc Trouille – European Union single market policies and their impact on society, industrial and trade policy; interface between government and markets, politics and industry; different forms of capitalism and their impact on business and society
  • James Wallace – social entrepreneurship and social enterprises, BME; ethnicity, mentoring (societal aspects); methodological approaches for the study of business and society issues; Quantification of social value creation
  • Anna Zueva-Owens - moral philosophy; role of government in CSR


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