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Bradford Research in Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship (BRITE) Lab

An interdisciplinary research Centre, the Bradford Research in Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship (BRITE) Lab brings together a team of researchers with a unique combination of expertise (coming from disciplines as diverse as economics, sociology, geography, and fields of study including entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology management) and research skills (both quantitative and qualitative). Praxis is central to all our research activities and we are committed to research that builds on relationships with students and partners in business, policy and enterprise support. It is this, alongside the emphasis placed on experimentation that defines us as a Lab: a place where collaborative research takes place.

Our work is focused around three research themes:

Bradford Research in Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship Lab - Research Themes

Our research feeds into our undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. We provide the intellectual underpinning for a new suite of postgraduate programmes that combine entrepreneurship and innovation with specific scientific fields, and have developed a set of undergraduate modules that place particular emphasis on the practical application of knowledge.

The BRITE Lab also hosts a vibrant community of doctoral students.

A significant segment of the research taking place in the BRITE Lab is supported by funding provided from national and international sources.


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