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BRITE: Our People

People working within the BRITE Lab include academics from various different subject groups within the School of Management, doctoral students – both those studying PhDs and the DBA, and our administrative staff.

The Centre is headed up by Professor Stuart Roper.

Academic staff

  • Professor Kevin Barber
  • Dr Liz Breen
  • Professor Carole Howorth
  • Dr Mei-Na Liao
  • Dr Caroline Parkinson
  • Professor Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai
  • Shahid Rasul
  • Professor Stuart Roper
  • Dr Abhijit Sharma
  • Dr Rana Tassabehji
  • Dr James Wallace

PhD students

  • Abdullah Almethen: Exploratory case study on entrepreneurship in Kuwait. The journey of latent young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs.
  • Faiza Awlad-Thani: Knowledge Transfer Governance
  • Nurraddeen Nuhu: International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
  • Habib Nuhu: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Systems in developing countries (a case of entrepreneurs in the Nigerian film industry)

DBA students

  • Willem Brouwer: Effective development and governing of the Smart Services Boulevard, a valorization facility of the Zeeland University of Applied Sciences
  • Herman de Pagter: Enabling Innovation SMEs


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