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Teaching impact

The BRITE Lab brings cutting edge research and undergraduate and postgraduate education together.

This takes many forms: we use the findings of our research in the UK and the experience we accumulate from working with other academics internationally to enhance the learning of our students, we bring in new theories and their application in real-life examples, case studies, and visiting speakers from organizations we work with, and we enable students to practice research in the context of organisational settings.

Indeed, we place particular emphasis on the application of knowledge: thus, all modules involve students working (either individually or in teams) in providing solutions to real life challenges.

Other defining characteristics of our educational offer, beyond its close linkages with our research, are:

  • The development of strong international dimension: using examples and challenges from elsewhere in the world, trying to facilitate the development of teams with diverse cultural backgrounds or (increasingly) studying in different higher education institutions elsewhere in the world.
  • The development of inter-disciplinarity: bringing students from different Schools in the study of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. This enables students to bring complementary knowledge in the development of rigorously researched solutions.

Inter-disciplinarity is reflected in the postgraduate programmes launched by members of the BRITE Lab, namely:

Outside these programmes, members of the BRITE Lab deliver the following post-graduate modules:

  • Entrepreneurship (MBA )
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSc)
  • Innovation and Technology Management (MSc)

Members of the BRITE Lab also lead a coherent suite of undergraduate modules, including:

  • Creativity and Innovation (year 1)
  • Entrepreneurship and Business: Contemporary Perspectives (year 2)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Practice (year 3)


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