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Doctoral supervision

If you are interested in studying for a PhD at the Centre for Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Economics and would like to discuss potential research subjects please contact us.

Current doctoral students

Rabab Ebrahim
Thesis working title: The Link between dividend policy and stock liquidity
Supervisors: Prof Mazouz and Dr Sharma

Yizhi Wang 
Thesis working title: A study on the stochastic volatility option theory with relevant applications
Supervisors: Prof Adkins and Dr Sharma

Danae Christopoulou 
Thesis working title: The role of intellectual property enforcement on knowledge transfer activities and knowledge spillovers
Supervisors: Dr Wang and Dr Papageorgiadis

Ghadna Sulaiman Al Maskari  
Thesis working title: Intellectual capital and firm performance
Supervisors: Dr Li and Prof Mazouz

Shenghua Shi
Thesis title: Split share structure reform and earnings management in China
Supervisors: Dr Li and Dr Hsu

Nur Othman
Thesis title: Performance of initial public offerings
Supervisors: Prof Mazouz and Dr Sharma

Hasan Tekin
Thesis title: Impacts of the financial crisis on non-financial firms' capital structures decisions: A comparison of the main market and the alternative investment market
Supervisors: Prof Roger Adkins and Dr Abhijit Sharma

Stefano Grillini
Thesis title: Liquidity and asset pricing: An analysis of commonality and liquidity integration
Supervisors: Dra Abhijit Sharma and Prof Aydin Ozkan

Nikhil Sapre
Thesis title: Determinants of financial inclusion in the developing world
Supervisors: Prof Roger Adkins and Dr Abhijit Sharma

Bilge Oncu Bastu
Thesis title: Essays on foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Turkish economy
Supervisors: Dr George Magkonis and Dr Abhijit Sharma

Timothy Nichol
Thesis title: The impact of family and non-family relationships and objectives on governance and conflict management in cousin consortium family companies
Supervisors: Dr Gary Hsu and Prof Carole Howorth

Muhammad Khawar
Supervisors: Prof Aydin Ozkan and Dr Helena Pinto

Jie Tian
Supervisors: Dr Li, Dr Hsu and Dr Pinto

Previous PhD students

Salah Alawadhi (Senior Market Analyst, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation)
Title: Institutional obstacles to FDI in Kuwait 
Supervisors: Prof McDonald and Dr Owens

Eshani Beddewela (Lecturer in International Business, University of Huddersfield)
Title: Investigating the business contribution to sustainable development through corporate social responsibility (CSR): A study of multinational enterprises (MNEs) operating in Sri Lanka
Supervisors: Dr Fairbrass and Prof Mohr

Andrew Barron (Associate Professor of International Business, Toulouse Business School )
Title: The effects of culture on the production of information and communications technologies in Fance and Germany
Supervisors: Prof Trouille and Prof Mohr

Ziko Konwar (Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University Business School)
Title: The impact of multinational enterprises (MNE) ownership modes and sub-national locations on knowledge spillovers: evidence from India
Supervisors: Prof McDonald and Dr Wang

Diara Md Jadi (Lecturer at the School of Economics, Finance and Accounting, Universiti Utara Malaysia)
Title: An empirical analysis of determinants of financial performance of insurance companies in the United Kingdom
Supervisors: Dr Abhijit Sharma and Dr Damian Ward

Linda O'Riordan (Professor of International Management, FOM University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
Title: Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility in German and UK Pharmaceutical Firms
Supervisors: Dr Fairbrass and Prof McDonald

Byung Il Park (Assistant Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea)
Title: Managerial knowledge acquisition from foreign parents in international joint ventures
Supervisors: Prof Mirza, Dr Giroud and Prof Whitelock

Song Wei (Senior Lecturer in Economics, Coventry University)
Title: Optimum currency areas and European Economic Monetary Union (EMU): A model for Asia?
Supervisors: Prof Trouille and Prof Freeman


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