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Marketing, strategy and international business

The Marketing, strategy and international business group's research is focused on marketing management and strategy, international marketing, consumer research, international business, entrepreneurship and innovation, corporate social responsibility and sustainability strategies.

The group is headed up by Keith Hanning. See all staff and research students in the group.


A strong characteristic of our Marketing group's research is the close link between researchers and professional and practising marketers.

The group, with many who have commercial experiences in marketing and international marketing, has been very successful in obtaining research funding, either as part of jointly funded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships or as stand-alone grants.

The group's main research interests are marketing management and strategy, international marketing and consumer research.

Marketing management and strategy

The main areas of marketing management and strategy research are:

  • pricing strategy
  • relations between marketing and sales 
  • measurement and antecedents of environmental uncertainty
  • mail survey research
  • ethical decision-making in consumption and business practice
  • corporate social responsibility
  • marketing concepts and strategies in the service sector and in non-profit organisations
  • brand identification in Higher Education

Professor David Jobber has worked on integrative pricing in industrial-marketing settings and has developed a model of relations between marketing and sales. He has also examined the role played by, and impact of, prepaid monetary incentives on mail survey research.

Dr Kyoko Fukukawa is researching ethical decision-making in consumption and business practices. She also investigates communications and practices of corporate social responsibility.

Dr Mei-Na Liao applies the notions of marketing and strategy in the service sector and non-profit organisations, such as the NHS.

International marketing

The main areas of international marketing research are:

  • implementation of international advertising campaigns
  • regionalisation of marketing standardisation strategies 

Dr Fernando Fastoso's research interests are cross-cultural marketing, especially in relation to advertising and branding.

Professor Jeryl Whitelock's research interests within international marketing include product strategy, international advertising, market entry strategy and international brands and branding.

She has published on these on topics and others in journals such as Journal of International Marketing, Business History, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of International Management and International Marketing Review.

She was elected a Fellow of both the RSA and of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Consumer research

The main areas of consumer research are:

  • ethnographic and cultural research methods in consumer research
  • family environment affecting children's consumption experiences and consumer socialization
  • role of children in family decision-making

International business

Dr Martin OwensDr Nikolaos PapageorgiadisDr Chengang Wang and Dr Sarah Dixon are researching issues connected to strategic and operational developments in multinational companies in areas such as subsidiary strategy, multinational strategies in transition economies, international joint ventures, and employee relations in multinational corporations.

Research is also being conducted on institutional obstacles to foreign direct investment, the sub-national geographical location of foreign direct investment, and issues in technology transfer and innovation in international business activities, especially in relation to emerging economies.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Professor Christos Kalantaridis is conducting research that explores the interface between entrepreneurship and institutions, the contribution of transnational & migrant entrepreneurs and their strategies, the role of universities in regional innovation systems, and open innovation.

He heads up the Bradford Research in Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship (BRITE) Lab.


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