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About our research programmes

We are one of the oldest university-based business schools with one of the longest-established management PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) programmes in Europe and one of the most experienced and globally recognised DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) programmes, which has been running since 2001.

Both are academically equivalent but the DBA is designed for senior, experienced professional managers and is highly applicable within specific sectors and careers, whereas the PhD can be taken by graduates at all levels with an interest in a particular area of management research.

Our research degrees are successful because we can offer high-quality research support in all the main areas of management.

We have an excellent library and other dedicated research resources.

The School of Management is closely linked with the needs of industry, commerce and the public sector. We offer the choice to adopt a practical focus or to pursue a more scholarly approach.

More information

The University of Bradford's code of practice for research students provides lots of information about regulations, admission, registration, University-wide support, progression and completion.


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