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Research facilities

Research students enjoy studying at the School of Management’s self-contained parkland campus in Bradford, which has every facility you will need for high-level study and research including a dedicated building, office space, IT resources and our whole range of management and law learning resources.

Our DBA students, who are working professionals, study from many different locations and attend our DBA peer-review workshops at our facilities in Bradford and Bonn (Germany).

We have one of Europe's best-resourced management libraries and some of the most up-to-date teaching technology.

As most of our DBA students live and work outside of the UK, you will have access to many of our resources on-demand via the internet.

In taking your PhD or DBA at Bradford, you will be studying with gifted people from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities.

You will therefore benefit from an exciting and intellectually challenging study environment, and international networking opportunities.

Find out more about the School of Management's facilities and resources here.

More information

The University of Bradford's code of practice for research students provides lots of information about regulations, admission, registration, University-wide support, progression and completion.


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