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Research support

We provide both UK and international students with an excellent level of support throughout your PhD or DBA studies.

Your assigned supervisors, who are experts in your field of research, take a close interest in your research and offer intensive guidance.

One criterion for earning a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or DBA is that you show evidence of independent research.

The decisions you make throughout your PhD or DBA are therefore your own, but your supervisors will help you to arrive at a position where you can fully justify your research objectives, methods and, ultimately, your conclusions and recommendations.

They will encourage you to publish your research, perhaps jointly with them, and ensure that you stay motivated and engaged at every stage.

The School of Management is part of the Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative (NARTI), a network of leading research institutions that provides access to a range of advanced research training programmes.

The University of Bradford also runs training on teaching and learning skills and PhD and DBA students can enrol on courses run by the Centre for Educational Development and research training.

More information

The University of Bradford's code of practice for research students provides lots of information about regulations, admission, registration, University-wide support, progression and completion.


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