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Tasmin Little Music Centre

The Sense of Adventure Tape Deck Orchestra at Folk Narratives 08/12/12

Juxtavoices @ Delius Arts & Cultural Centre

plus Bradford Scratch Orchestra, Black Dogs

20th September 2014


Sheffield's finest large-scale 'antichoir' return to Bradford to team up with the specially-formed Bradford Scratch Orchestra. Support comes in the form of a radio play about Bradford's regeneration and counterculture by artist collective Black Dogs.

Juxtavoices is a large antichoir which includes many familiar faces from Sheffield’s leftfield music, poetry and visual arts scene and led by Martin Archer. Although the group performs structured scores, no fixed pitches are ever notated, and the group uses improvisation to shape the detail of the scores as the music progresses. Both trained and untrained voices are included. As well as playing normal concerts, the group is to be found in various unexpected public places and at poetry / text events. Their last performance in Bradford as part of M@BU's 'Voices' event at Theatre In the Mill blew minds with its perfect mix of dadaist absurdity and structured vocal chaos; at turns overwhelming, funny, serene and frightening.

Bradford Scratch Orchestra is a platform for musicians and non-musicians interested in playing improvised, experimental and collectively devised music, inspired by the horizontal structures and revolutionary impulse of Corenlius Cardew’s experimental ensemble from the late 60s and 70s. Through a series of facilitated workshops (led by musician Seth Bennett) BSO develop strategies for exploratory, inclusive and collective music making; using improvising techniques, listening exercises and non-conventional scores. BSO will perform unique piece/exercise for the event devised in collaboration with composers Martin Archer and Richard Ormrod.


Black Dogs are an artist collective formed in Leeds in 2003 and now based across the UK. For this event Black Dogs will present an iteration of their latest project that explores and reflects on Bradford's countercultural history, present and future. Developed from a series of discussion and mapping sessions around Jeff Nuttall's book Bomb Culture, Black Dogs devised a guided walk through an area of Bradford that had been earmarked for regeneration in the mid 2000s. The walk provided a foil against which anecdotes and personal histories from members of Bradford's artistic communities could be revealed. This will be the first time that the radio play version of Guided Goitside has been broadcast thanks to support from BCB 106.6FM and Arts Council England.

Part of Recon

This collaborative event has been made possible through support from Arts Council England and the Univeristy of Bradford.