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Tasmin Little Music Centre

The Sense of Adventure Tape Deck Orchestra at Folk Narratives 08/12/12

Polska Parafia

A Musical Tribute to Poland and its most celebrated composer Fryderyk Chopin

Sunday 10th October, 5.30pm
Polish Catholic Church, Edmund Street, Bradford BD5 OBH
Tickets £5 concessions £4
Box office - 01274 233200.
Information - 01274 233191.
Email -

Polish Catholic Church, Edmund Street, Bradford BD5 OBH
(off Morley Street, opposite the International Restaurant)

Magda Walicka - piano Magda Walicka
Jacek Maslanka - voice
Krzystof Janusz Wilk - piano
Polish Cultural Centre Youth Choir

Programme will include:
Polonaise A major Op. 40, No. 1
Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66
Nocturne E minor, Op. 72, No. 1
Prelude E minor, Op. 28, No. 4
Etuda G flat major, Op. 10, No. 5
With a selection of Polish traditional and popular songs.

It is said that Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849) discovered the soul of the piano; he is recognised widely as the `Poet of the Piano' and a Universal Composer.
In his huge output of piano music, Chopin combined elements of Polish culture, with melodic distinction and universal themes of peace & humility in the most sophisticated and harmonically inventive ways. Today, his music reaches out to people from all over the world and he is regarded as one of the most important Romantic composers who engages millions of people from different continents and cultural backgrounds.

We mark the occasion of Chopin's 200th anniversary with an uplifting concert featuring one of the regions most celebrated Polish musicians, pianist Magda Walicka. Magda will play a concert of piano music by the celebrated Polish composer who was born 200 years ago. Bringing the Polish community together through music, this concert will also be dedicated to the recent loss of the Polish leader Lech Kaczynski and senior figures in the Polish government.

Jacek Maslanka