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The Five Star Family Elan



Family Elan


Friday 27th September

As part of the commissions for RECON festival members of Bradford-based psychedelic-folk-rock group The Family Elan collaborate with South Asian musicians from Bradford and Pakistan, featuring Hameed Brothers Qawwal & Party, Tazeem Khan, and Sagir Ali Khan - performers of qawwali, folk, and classical music  - alongside experimental guitarist Dean McPhee. The concert will feature a number of collaborative sets, working both within the traditional qawwali and folk/classical musical idioms and through more open ended, intuitive musical experimentation drawing on the backgrounds of the performers involved. An ongoing collaborative venture the concert is part of documentary film project, with further events in the pipeline. Venue: Delius Arts & Cultural Centre, 7-9pm, £3 entry


The Family Elan, active since 2007, is the musical brainchild of Greek bouzouki and Turkish baglama-saz player Chris Hladowski. Orbiting Bradford since birth Hladowski has taken his music with him for stints in Glasgow, Budapest and London, and tours across Europe and the USA, collaborating with groups as diverse as A Hawk and A Hacksaw, members of the seminal German ‘krautrock’ band Faust, Franz Ferdinand, and the Master Musicians of Joujouka. A rotating membership has recently seen him joined by Harry Wheeler on bass and Mark Hearne on percussion. Having collaborated with the Jaipur Kawa Brass Band for a successful and memorable concert at the Delius Arts and Cultural Centre in September 2012 the group continues to gain inspiration, and expand its horizons, through a process of cross-cultural musical fermentation that is both honest and well seasoned.

Hameed Brothers Qawwal & Party, and Tazeem Khan and Qawwal Party both boast some of the foremost Pakistani and British-Pakistani musicians living in the north of England, performing a form of Islamic Sufi devotional music that stretches back over 700 years. Having won first prize in the Pennine Radio competition as long ago as 1981 members of both groups can  confidently lay claim to being some of West Yorkshire’s first established Qawwali musicians, having performed for both the South Asian diaspora community – at weddings and traditional ‘mehfils’ (musical gatherings) – as well as for the wider public, at venues as diverse as the Bradford Mela, Oxford University, and as far afield as the USA, Australasia and the Arab Gulf. Featuring Abdul Hameed and Tazeem Khan’s impassioned singing, accompanied by the voices, harmonium, tabla, and dhol these are the kind of sounds to let your spirit take wings.

Hailing from Jhelum, in the north of the Punjab province in Pakistan, Sagir Ali Khan has been a regular visitor to the UK for a number of years. He is a virtuoso shenhai player (an ‘oboe-like’ double reed wind instrument), who also happens to be a master dhol (a double ended folk drum), tabla, harmonium, bamboo flute, and exquisite singer.




A series of pioneering Music, Art and Film events culminating in the week of the 22nd – 29th September, across Leeds and Bradford, UK.

RECON is a festival that showcases and brings together innovators, experimenters, risk-takers, mavericks and outsiders working creatively with music, sonic arts, performance and film.