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Changing course

Courses and study

If you are thinking about changing course, firstly you should discuss with your present Faculty why you want to change. They will need to know as they will have to release you from a course.

If the course change is within your own Faculty they may make the change for you. If it is a change to another Faculty then you will also have to speak to the admissions tutor for the course you want to move to.

If you are accepted on the new course your old Faculty will have to release you and you will have to inform the Student Loan Company (if in receipt of a tuition fee loan) or your sponsor (if someone else pays your fees for you).

Once your course transfer is agreed, if required, we will also write to your funding body finalising your transfer.

Please download Programme Transfer Agreement Form (PDF, 200 KB) for approval and signature from both your leaving Faculty and receiving Faculty.

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