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How do you like your coffee? With science please

Published: Thur 18 Oct 2018

Hair, poo and hamsters are just some of the things that will be discussed in a series of upcoming public events featuring academics from the University of Bradford.

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‘Universal’ blood test for earlier diagnosis of cancer moves closer to market

Published: Mon 15 Oct 2018

UK researchers behind a potential ‘universal’ liquid biopsy blood test for cancer detection have licensed the technology to an industrial partner to take it to market.

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How I helped unmask two Russian spies

How I helped unmask two Russian spies

Published: Fri 12 Oct 2018

Hassan Ugail, Professor of Visual Computing at the University of Bradford, describes his central role in identifying the two men at the heart of the Salisbury novichok poisoning case.

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Expert opinion

Podcast looking at the issue of Pain

Published: Wed 15 Nov 2017

Professor Marcus Rattray took part in the Conversation's podcast on Pain

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Blade Runner 2049: how Philip K Dick’s classic novel has stood the test of time

Published: Fri 6 Oct 2017

Patrick Allen looks at how Blade Runner has stood the test of time

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Why pop needs its eccentric characters

Published: Thur 5 Oct 2017

Mark Goodall looks at eccentric characters in pop

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