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Salters' Festival of Chemistry at University of Bradford

Published: Sat 21 April 2018

48 students from 12 schools in the local area will enjoy an exciting day of chemistry at the Salters' Festival of Chemistry to be held at The University of Bradford on Wednesday 25 April.

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Bradford lecturer Gillian aims to be the big cheese after winning heat in new BBC Two series

Published: Wed 18 April 2018

University of Bradford lecturer Gillian Clough isn't one to follow the herd – unless it’s her own herd of goats that provide the milk for her award-winning artisan cheese.

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The University of Bradford is transforming how STEM subjects are taught

Published: Wed 18 April 2018

The University of Bradford is launching a new programme to support STEM teachers and ignite curiosity in students across the district.

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Expert opinion

Podcast looking at the issue of Pain

Published: Wed 15 Nov 2017

Professor Marcus Rattray took part in the Conversation's podcast on Pain

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Blade Runner 2049: how Philip K Dick’s classic novel has stood the test of time

Published: Fri 6 Oct 2017

Patrick Allen looks at how Blade Runner has stood the test of time

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Why pop needs its eccentric characters

Published: Thur 5 Oct 2017

Mark Goodall looks at eccentric characters in pop

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