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Life in Student Halls

Published: Fri 15 Aug 2014
Life in Student Halls

Ahead of a new cohort of students moving to university halls, current and former students from the University of Bradford have shared their hard-earned advice on moving out of home and sharing accommodation with others. Amongst the top advice is to be clean and tidy

Recent graduate and current MA student at the University of Bradford, Rob Hartley, commented on the survey result: "Tidying up after yourself and doing your dishes is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to maintain peaceful housemate relations, but it also one of the hardest things to motivate yourself to do! Studying, socialising, and making the most of sports clubs and societies and the city can quickly take priority over vacuuming and taking the rubbish out."

The students and alumni who participated in the survey also suggested making a rota for cooking and cleaning, and buying shared cleaning products to avoid housemates from falling out.

Advice was also shared on how best to bond with your housemates and cooking meals together was a popular suggestion, along with pinning your mobile number on the notice board, and being patient and understanding with each other.

Playing loud music was rated as the quickest way to annoy others, especially when they're likely to be asleep. However, attending parties, events and get-togethers was suggested as a way to settle in more quickly as you will meet people in similar circumstances to your own. The students went as far as to say that wearing fancy dress was a fast-track way to bond with people due to the great memories and hilarious pictures.

Rob said: "Don't be afraid to introduce yourself and get talking to random people in your halls of residence. Remember that they are new and just as nervous as you are. When I first moved to Bradford I tried to be really positive about everything and talk to everyone, even when I was feeling homesick. It helped me settle in and make good friends."

Of concern to the students was saving money. They suggested finding local deals and discounts and taking advantage of the discount vouchers; the Freshers' Fair was rated as a must-visit event for gathering discounts.

University of Bradford's Director of External Affairs Mark Garratt said: "Moving away from home to university is in equal parts exciting and terrifying for many students."

"The University and the Students' Union have many methods to support new students, but in particular joining a sports team or society is a great way to develop new interests and friendships. There is a whole host of 'freshers' activities that are designed to introduce people to the University, Bradford, and their new classmates in fun and interesting ways.

"It was heartening to see that the students appreciated these activities and recommended them to others through the survey."


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