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Top 20 things to take to University

Published: Wed 13 Aug 2014
Top 20 things to take to University

A doorstop was voted the most important thing new students should take to university in a recent poll of current and newly graduated University of Bradford students.

The students claimed that a friendly and open attitude when you arrive at university is crucial in making friends and keeping doors wedged open while getting settled into student halls meant it was much easier to make early friendships.

Also included in the top 20 items listed by students was fancy dress in preparation for themed social nights and a set of portable speakers. Most of the items were more focussed on organisation and practicality - including laptops, extension leads, student railcards and kitchenware.

David Houston, Assistant Accommodation Manager at The Green Student Village, said, "Moving to university is a big change but bringing the right things with you can help you settle in quickly. There's always a great atmosphere during move-in weekend and lots of things happening around campus so make the most of it and don’t miss out."

Lorene Bannon, Second Year Pharmacy at the University of Bradford added, “In hindsight I think that I prepared well for coming to university. I had talked to most of my new housemates on Facebook so it wasn't awkward when we met each other in person. My mum had even gone to the supermarket and bought me a week’s worth of shopping so I didn't have to eat beans on toast.

“Looking back I wish that I had engaged more in student life from the start, I didn't join any sports teams or societies until my second year and I feel that I would have had a better experience had I have done this in first year.”

The top 20 items to bring to university, as voted by University of Bradford students, is below:

1. Doorstop
2. Laptop
3. Documentation (any certificates the University requires, UCAS letter, passport or ID, etc.)
4. Right size bedding (most university halls are ¾ size so don’t bring single sheets)
5. Kitchenware
6. Fancy dress outfits
7. Sports Equipment
8. Student railcard
9. Alarm Clock
10. Speakers
11. Stationery
12. Printer
13. Extension Leads
14. Clothes Airer
15. Food
16. Household cleaning products
17. Food or drink to share with new housemates
18. Spare electrical chargers
19. Pack of Cards
20. Musical Instruments

For more details, please visit the University of Bradford ‘Top 20’ Pinterest board at

As students prepare to collect their A-Level results on Thursday 14 August, the University of Bradford has a number of places still available. Call the clearing hotline on 0300 023 0603 to speak to a member of the clearing team or visit

Picture taken by David Wall

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