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Experts in Health

Professor Udy Archibong

Director of Centre for Inclusion and Diversity (CfID)

Expertise: equality, inclusion, diversity,

Professor Brendan Barrett

Professor of Visual Development

Expertise: amblyopia, vision and sport, vision and reading

Dr Julia Beaumont

Lecturer in Biological Anthropology

Expertise: Teeth, dental development, isotopes, palaeodiet, forensic dentistry, collagen, neonatal, maternal health

Mr Jamie Beck

Lecturer in School of Allied Health Professions and Sport

Expertise: Education, trauma, forensic science, sports medicine

Dr Jim Boyne

Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Expertise: RNA, Cancer, Viruses

Dr Russell Delderfield

Male Eating Disorders Researcher

Expertise: disordered eating, qualitative, sociology of eating disorders, masculinities and critical Men’s Studies, misandry, masculism, philosophy and methodology of interpretive research, hermeneutics for social research, doctoral education, person-centred practice, reflective practice

Professor Anne Graham

Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Transfer

Expertise: Inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endothelial cells, cell signalling, MAP kinase, angiogenesis, microRNA

Professor Abigail Locke

Professor in Psychology

Expertise: gender, motherhood, fatherhood, parenting, identity, health

Professor Edward Mallen

Head of Bradford School of Optometry and Vision Science

Expertise: refractive error, accommodation control, neural adaptation to blur, adaptive optics.

Professor Daniel Neagu

Professor of Computing

Expertise: artificial intelligence, toxicology, software engineering, online social networks, data quality, big data, healthcare

Professor Marcus Rattray

Head of Bradford School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Professor of Pharmacology

Expertise: Neuroprotection, astrocytes, addiction, motor neurone disease, pharmacology

Professor Stephen Rimmer

Head of School of Chemistry and Biosciences, and Professor of Chemistry

Expertise: Polymers, Biomaterials, Radical Polymerisation, Cationic Polymerisation, Polyurethanes, Emulsion Polymerisation, Smart Polymers, Anti-microbial agents, Tissue Engineering, Drug delivery