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Buttercup (12 weeks - 2 years)

Our Buttercup unit provides care to babies from 3 months to 2 years. Buttercup staff provide an environment which offers a safe and stimulating space.

The children's individual learning and developmental needs are met in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and are based around the identified three prime areas;

Three prime areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development (PSE)
  • Communication and Language (CL)
  • Physical development (PD)

The experiences on offer are varied and planned around the children’s individual needs. Staff engage closely with the children at all times and endeavour to develop secure attachments. It is during the setting in period that these attachments are formed. The child will be observed and the adult, with whom child engages the most, will become his or her keyworker.

We offer a “free flow” environment where children can move around the room freely taking advantage of all the experiences on offer. The experiences are based around the senses; sound, sight, hearing and touch. Young children and babies learn through their senses. To develop their skills they will be able to enjoy the tactile experience of paint, sand, water and dough or clay. They can also use their imagination in the role play area and discover the enjoyment and pleasure of books. Games, such as 'peek a boo' and 'round and round the garden', are important as they not only give children their first experience of early communication and language but also sound, imitating, sharing and turn taking skills.

Within our unit we have suitable sleeping arrangements. These are all based on individual children’s daily needs and are agreed with parent/carers during the settling in period. Children may sleep in cots, silver cross prams and/or sleep mattresses (children must be over 1 year to be able to sleep on these). If you wish your child to sleep outside in a pram in warm weather they can do so, as the area used is alarmed and in very close proximity to the unit. All sleeping children either indoors or outdoors are monitored continually by staff.

Rain, snow, sun or cold your child will enjoy the experiences of being outside unless it is deemed unsafe to do so. Buttercups have direct access to their own small play area as well as a large shaded grassed area where they often go to enjoy the experiences of offered by the natural environment.

Positive relationships with parent and carers are key to the successes of a child as they enable the keyworker to meet the children’s individual needs effectively, plan appropriately, offer support accordingly and record development accurately towards the EYFS.

Each child will have a profile which will contain observations, work products and their 'My Learning Picture' which is the assessment tool for meeting the EYFS learning and development steps. These are available to you at all times and can be taken home to share with family/ friends. Practitioners are available to speak to on a daily basis and a longer discussion can be arranged when required.

Meet our team

Amanda Amanda

Room Leader

I have worked in childcare for the last 14 years and have a BTEC Diploma in Childhood Studies. I have been working at the University Nursery for 11 years and have become a NVQ assessor during this time, have recently taken up the role of Room Leader for Buttercup Room. I have two daughters and they have both attended Nursery from being small babies.

Fahrat Fahrat

I have worked in childcare for the last 22 years and have a BTEC certificate in Early Years, a Foundation Degree in Early Years and a BA (hons) in Childhood Studies.

Gita Gita

I have worked in childcare for the last 18 years and have a NVQ level 2 and 3.

Grace Grace

I have worked in childcare for the last 4 years I have a NVQ level 3 and am working towards a Foundation degree in Childcare Learning and Development.

Rachel Rachel

I have been in childcare for 24 years the last 21 being spent at the Nursery previous to that I ran a playgroup. During my time at the Nursery I have gained a NVQ level 2 and 3.

Tesha Tesha

I have worked in childcare for the last 6 years and have an NVQ level 3.