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Our menus

All our meals are freshly prepared at the Richmond Campus by BaxterStorey. Our menus are seasonal and we ensure children are provided with at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

In 2014 we were once again awarded with a Five Star Environmental Health Rating for cleanliness and food hygiene. We achieved the highest score possible. In 2014 we achieved the Bradford District NHS First Steps to Healthy Teeth Gold Award due to our healthy practices and nutritious meals. We can cater for most dietary needs including vegetarians and children with allergies. We will endeavour to accommodate specific requirements so please contact us with any specific needs your child may have.

Water is available to the children at all times throughout the day.


  • served between 8.00 - 9.00 as the children arrive

Some examples of what the children may be offered include:

  • cornflakes, porridge, shredded wheat, weetabix, rice crispies, croissants, fresh fruit, toast, crumpets, and pancakes
  • water and milk

Light snack

  • served at 10.00am


  • served at 12.00pm 

Afternoon snack

  • served between 15.00 - 15.45

This is a light meal and should not replace an evening tea. Children may be offered food including:

  • crackers, vegetable sticks, poppadoms, dips, cheese, wraps/bread/pancakes, fresh fruit, fruit loaf, salad
  • fresh juice, water, milk

Please refer to our food and drink policy for more information or contact us if you have any further questions.