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Good planning is essential for successful outings and careful consideration is given to venues to make sure they are appropriate for the age and development of the children.

To ensure the location is suitable a risk assessment will be undertaken by a member of staff before the date of the outing. The room leader present on the trip will ensure that the children’s emergency contact details are carried, that they are equipped with First Aid kits and they will hold the nursery’s mobile phone.

The nursery manager will remain in nursery to take messages, relay information and offer advice should it be needed. If a parent/carer needs to forward any information on to the staff members on the trip they should do this via the nursery manager.

All staff will have a timetable for the day and procedures to follow should they become separated. Each child will be allocated to an adult and they will be under their care all day.

Local outings

We regularly take the children on outings around the local area. It might be a trip into town, to the park, the library, or even just a stroll around the block. These types of outings are not always planned for and are sometimes a spur of the moment decisions made possible by adult: child ratios the nice weather etc.

These outings will not acquire former approval. There will be present and named First Aiders on all outings.