Programme Assessment Strategies (PASS)

This National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) funded project aimed to confront a fundamental issue for every Higher Education (HE) course/programme leader: how to design an effective, efficient, inclusive and sustainable assessment strategy which delivers the key course/programme outcomes.

The project outlived its funding period and is still very much alive with new and updated case studies, recent publications, and workshops in high demand.

Teams adopting programme focused assessment have been recognised nationally through Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence CATE.

Attending a [PASS] workshop led interviewees to think about and evaluate what they were doing in terms of curriculum design and development, to see the positive aspects of programme focused assessment and to consider what they could possibly do better. ASKe project evaluation

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For the latest news/updates, please follow @PASS_Bradford on Twitter.

Prof Peter Hartley and Ruth Whitfield, the PASS Project Director and Project Manager, continue to take forward PASS and programme focused assessment. Please contact us for:

  • more information about the PASS project;
  • discussion about new or updated case studies;
  • delivering a workshop for you.

Ruth is the primary contact:

Ruth Whitfield
Centre for Educational Development
University of Bradford
Tel: 01274-233336