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Ganizani Liwewe

MSc Economics and Finance for Development

Ganizani Liwewe
  • From Malawi
  • Economist with the Government of Malawi

How would you introduce yourself?

I am Ganizani Liwewe, an economist with the Government of Malawi pursuing an MSc in Economics and Finance for Development at the University of Bradford.

Coming from a developing country, I have a special interest in development policy and strategy that was enhanced by my work experience.

How did you come to study at BCID?

After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Malawi, I resolved that I would undertake my postgraduate studies in the UK.

Having gaining some work experience, I began applying to some Universities and during that period, a colleague mentioned the University of Bradford. When I looked at the programs being offered, I was attracted to the MSc in Economics and Finance for Development as in my search I had not found a programme that combined economic approaches to development with the role that finance can play.

I felt the programme design would equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills required to effectively contribute towards the formulation of development strategies for Malawi.

What have been the best aspects of your experience?

Besides experiencing the unpredictable British weather, there have been many highlights to my stay in Bradford.

The composition of the classes I attended provided occasions to learn from others as well as engage in discussion on pertinent issues affecting developing countries.

The learning experience continued outside the class in my interactions with fellow students.

The 21st Bradford Development Lecture was also a major highlight. It provided an opportunity to go beyond the theory and hear from someone who is actively dealing with some of the development challenges and the role that productive development policies can play in addressing them.

In addition to the academic experiences, Bradford is a student-friendly city with almost everything being within walking distance and a free bus service to take you around the city if you’re feeling lazy to walk.

The International Students office also endeavours to make sure you enjoy your stay in Bradford and the UK in general, organising trips to visit different places in England as well as attending events within Bradford.

How does this programme relate to your own career goals?

Given my work experience, I am now better equipped to not only understand the complexities of the modern economies but also how to assist in conceptualising possible recovery programmes for the challenges faced by Malawi and Africa as a continent.

The programme has not only provided insight into economic development, but also given me the analytical skills as well as the tools necessary for me contribute to the formulation of development policies.

The courses I studied have also broadened my knowledge not only of the theory but also the implementation practicalities.

Based on your experience would you recommend this programme to others?

Yes, I would recommend this programme to others who are seeking to understand economic approaches to development as well as the role played by financial policy and institutions in enhancing development objectives.

The wide variety of options are available means that one can gain a broad range of skills and knowledge to supplement those gained through the core courses.

July 2015