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Wais Rahimi

Master of Public Administration

Wais Rahimi
  • From Afghanistan
  • Awarded the Chevening Scholarship

How would you introduce yourself?

I am from Afghanistan; I completed my Bachelor's degree in India after which I worked with NGOs and public sector before coming to UK for my postgraduate studies.

The Chevening Scholarship gave me the opportunity to come to BCID to pursue the MPA.

How do you find your programme so far? 

Well, Public Administration is my favourite field of study and the modules offered for this programme in University of Bradford are very interesting.

I really find the programme inspiring that covers all the area of my interest.

It offers what I was expecting before coming to UK.

What have been the best aspects of your experience so far?

The best aspect of my experience so far is the education system of UK, it is different from other countries and it is challenging but at the same time attracts the students to put more effort and learn it.

I think it is a great chance for me to learn more about the system too beside my regular studies.

How does this programme relate to your own career goals? 

I selected Master of Public Administration because it is well related to my Bachelor's degree and my work experience.

I worked in the public sector in my country and plan to join the public sector once I successfully complete this course.

The modules are well related to what I was doing.

While I was trying to decide to select a university I compared the modules. I found University of Bradford’s modules more inspiring and related to my future plans, so I selected this university.

Based on your experience would you recommend this programme to others?

Well, if someone is interested in public sector this is the right course for him/her.

I have already recommended University of Bradford to many of my friends, and if someone is planning to do public administration in UK, I will surely recommend UoB to him/her.

November 2013