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Yaseen Hamdan

MA International Development Management

Yaseen Hamdan
  • From Norway
  • Studied undergraduate Public Relations and Communications degree in Lebanon
  • Aims to work for the Norwegian government

How would you introduce yourself?

I am from Norway. I studied my bachelor’s degree in Lebanon majoring Public Relations and Communication.

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I decided to continue my postgraduate studies here in the UK.

This was meant as a stepping stone towards achieving my dream after some time in which I relied on my family’s support to overcome obstacles.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family, friends and my tutors which without their support I could not achieved this.

How did you come to study at BCID?

I have some friends who graduated from the BCID - they recommended BCID as a number one for me as a known centre with a professional way of teaching and building skills.

I had and still have a dream to work in the Norwegian government specially the ministry of foreign affairs, in addition to embassies work around the world, to represent Norway in different countries and international institutions.

After searching for a start point to achieve this dream one of my best choices was BCID, because Bradford Centre for International Development stands as a leading centre in the international development and international affairs work, providing professionalism in their programmes and might offer you keys to open closed doors.

What have been the best aspects of your experience?

Actually it is very difficult to mention one best aspect of experience I gained from the University of Bradford.

I think studying here and taking this programme gave me the opportunity to build international relations and networks with people from different countries, starting from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and America.

However, it is important to mention that the teaching staff deliver not just a theoretical information but practical experience too.

I think the exposure to the knowledge and skills and what I learned from my tutors and colleagues can be one of the most important things I gained for my professional life and my private life.

How does this programme relate to your own career goals?

Well, I selected the MA in International Development Management because I am really interested in international work from an international affairs and relations point of view, and this course offers me some keys to achieve my dream to work in the Norwegian government specifically the ministry of foreign affairs and Norwegian embassies around the world.

In addition, when we are talking about international development management you can do work on how to develop people and systems.

Helping others is one of the most things to me, it is what I love and working in the development field will make it easier to develop others and systems.

Another advantage this programme has is that you can focus on the particular aspect you want and explore it with no limitations.

Taking this course gave me the motivation to continue to do research and strive for a PhD degree.

Based on your experience would you recommend this programme to others?

Definitely, it is an honour for me to recommend to study at the University of Bradford in general and BCID specifically.

Taking the International Development Management course offers a nice collection of different modules in policy, theory, development and management.

Of course we are talking about people and systems: how to analyse, think, and work to reform and develop.

This combination of the international work and development and management gives the student a top down as well as a bottom up image over different cases and aspects.

In addition to the experience, for instance you will be and think as a policy maker with the authority and decision making power to change and develop and sometimes you will be on the ground standing with normal people, thinking the same way with same needs with different questions.

Having this experience will help with the understanding of situations and how to work on different situations and issues related to development policies, as well as how to employ strategies in a way to solve them.

July 2015