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Chris Falshaw

MSc Computing

Chris Falshaw
  • Worked as an English teacher in South Korea before commencing his studies at Bradford
  • Won the Computer Science Best Project Prize, and was joint winner of The Best Overall Performance in Computer Science Studies Prize
  • Has secured a graduate role at a service management software company based in the Netherlands

Chris started the MSc Computing programme at Bradford having spent most of the previous six years working as an English teacher in South Korea.

“Before starting I had two main concerns; how would I handle returning to higher education after so long out, and would the course provide me with the skills and experience required to achieve my ultimate goal; to get an interesting and rewarding job with great prospects? I needn’t have worried about either.”

Developing the skills employers love

“The first two semesters consisted of 6 different modules, and the variety of content gave me a real range of knowledge and experience - from coding in Java to a group project to user interface design.

it was this variety which gave me the experience and points on my CV that would later lead to me being offered jobs in the fields of software testing, service management and business intelligence - others on my course went on to become developers too.

I felt the learning material provided a great blend of theoretical information and opportunity to develop technical skills - both of which complemented each other and helped greatly in my job search. Although the material was challenging, it wasn’t overwhelming and was designed to be understood by people with no prior subject knowledge. In addition to this, there was always plenty of support available from my lecturers, classmates and from the Pisoc society where I made a few friends too.”

Hands-on experience

“My summer was spent doing some part time work at a local housing association (a role I had been offered as a result of work done on the ‘Data Mining’ module) and successfully using the skills I’d picked up over the previous 8 months to complete my dissertation. Again, I received more than enough support and guidance with this making the experience more enjoyable and much less stressful than expected.”

Making knowledge work

“All of the time, money and effort required to complete the course would have been for nothing if it didn’t result in a good job at the end. Within ten days of beginning my job search I had received interviews for a number of roles which I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near a year previously.

In interviews I found myself constantly referring back to what I’d learned and experienced either directly or indirectly over the past year and it should also be noted that the advice the University careers advisors provided really helped transform my CV into something employers really would take a second look at.

I ultimately ended up taking a job with excellent benefits, developing the UK support team at a service management software company based in the Netherlands, which I start next month.”