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Sarah York

PG Cert Diagnostic Hysteroscopy and Therapeutic Management, 2015

Sarah York
  • Is a nurse hysteroscopist at York Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Runs 3 hysteroscopy clinics and 1 colposcopy clinic a week
  • Highly recommends the programme

Sarah is currently working in York Teaching Hospital as a nurse hysteroscopist and colposcopist.  

Prior to starting the course at the University of Bradford she was working as a gynaecology cancer nurse specialist and clinic nurse in gynaecology outpatients.

As the only course of its kind in the UK, Sarah was very complimentary about her time at Bradford.

"I can confidently say it’s one of the best courses I have participated in. It is intense but the content is well taught and the support given during the times you are in attendance at Bradford and back at your hospital allows you to get the most out of your learning."

"The times you are in Bradford allow you to build invaluable contacts with your fellow students and the other nurses on your course will become you greatest support. The course is well structured and by the end you will be ready to take on the new challenges being nurse hysteroscopist will bring."

Post graduation

Since completing her course in July 2015 she has been working as a nurse hysteroscopist and gynaecology cancer nurse specialist.  

"I run three nurse led clinics per week seeing mainly post-menopausal fast track patients. I have five patients per list - three fast track patients and two follow-up patients. My follow-up patients are usually patients for cavity assessment prior to endometrial ablations or difficult Mirena coil fittings."

Advantages to the NHS

She says there are many advantages to the Trust of having a nurse hysteroscopist but the major ones are cost and stability.

"As a band 7 nurse hysteroscopist I am much more cost effective to my trust than a consultant.  I do not work nights or on labour ward so each week my clinics are running whereas at least 2 weeks out of 8 consultant clinics may be cancelled for their call responsibilities."

Sarah says patients are seen quickly and by a highly qualified professional who is dedicated to hysteroscopy.

"As a nurse we bring extra caring skills that we have developed over many years.  I also look after the endometrial cancer patients as part of my role as gynaecology cancer nurse specialist. My patients get great continuity of care knowing from their first appointment in hysteroscopy through to surgery and sometimes adjuvant therapy that I am their key worker and first number to call. It is a great help to these patients to have one person from start to finish."

Personal development

Sarah has benefited from professional development as can now work as an advanced practitioner at a high level with professional autonomy.

"My new role as a nurse hysteroscopist has now developed into training to be a nurse colposcopist and the two disciplines run well alongside each other. I now run three hysteroscopy clinics and one colposcopy clinic a week."

She highly recommends the PG Cert Diagnostic Hysteroscopy and Therapeutic Management at the University of Bradford.

"If given the chance to do it you should grab it with both hands!"