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Shivprasad Deshmukh

PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences

Shivprasad Deshmukh
  • From Maharashtra, India
  • Presented research at leading pharmaceutical conference
  • Collaborated with University of Minnesota

Shivprasad was impressed by the academics and facilities at the University of Bradford when he was deciding where to do his PhD.

"There is a facility called the Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology where I can work on medicines, I think it's one of only four Polymer MNT centres in the UK," he says.

"I sent Professor Anant Paradkar, the Director of the Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science, my application directly because he has a good reputation.

"I knew of him already as he had been to India."

Experts in their field

Shivprasad began his PhD in July 2011, after completing his Master's in 2010 and working in research and development in a top Indian pharmaceutical company.

"I have joint supervisors with different areas of expertise. One is drug delivery, and my other supervisor is more on the engineering side, so I benefit from both.

"They are experts in their field.

"Interdisciplinary work is good here as I am getting the chance to work in engineering as well as pharmaceutical science. That will benefit me in the future and help me stand out."

Shivprasad is planning to pursue a career in research in the pharmaceutical industry once he finishes his PhD.

"I'm planning to publish my work in international journals.

"As part of my research I got the chance to work with one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies on developing a product for them.

"I'm working on drug delivery systems, and there are unique properties and applications to my work."

Further collaborations

Shivprasad has made the most of the opportunities available to him at the University of Bradford.

"I got the chance to go to the USA for two weeks where we have a collaboration with the University of Minnesota, through a UKIERI grant.

"That was a great experience to get to use different facilities that we don’t have here. We are planning new joint publications and further collaborations as a result.

"In terms of research I have everything I need here.

"I’ve also travelled around the country for conferences, such as UKPharmSci in Edinburgh - that brought together academics and people in industry.

"I gave a presentation there - one of just a few students from around the country and I got a good response.

"The contacts I’ve made are working in the same area and are interested in the processes I’m developing."