Research degrees

As a technology university, our mission is to create knowledge through research.

We apply this knowledge for the benefit of society, tackling the major global challenges of our age.

Studying a research degree at the University of Bradford makes you part of this mission. You’ll learn from academic experts who are shaping the future of their sectors, in state-of-the-art labs and facilities.

96% of our research was rated world-leading, internationally excellent or internationally recognised in the latest Research Excellence Framework.

The new postgraduate doctoral loan

The UK government is introducing loans worth up to £25,000 for new postgraduate doctoral research students from 2018/19.

Loans are not means-tested and are open to English-resident UK nationals aged 59 or under, who do not have Research Council studentships.

Existing student loans won’t affect eligibility for the postgraduate doctoral loan, and repayments will be combined with those for the Master's loan if you have also taken one out.

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PGR Connect

We've received new funding to improve support for the mental health and wellbeing of postgraduate research students.


Break new ground

You'll be joining a vibrant community of doctoral students.

You'll receive all the support you need to achieve your academic and career aspirations, and benefit from a dedicated study space for PhD students - the Postgraduate Research Lounge - as well as bespoke facilities for your area of interest.

Our research focuses on:

  • advanced healthcare
  • innovative engineering
  • sustainable societies

Advanced Healthcare

With a strong track record in health research and as a major provider of healthcare practitioners to UK and global healthcare industries, our work in advanced health care seeks to develop new models of health care delivery, health promotion and technology enabled treatment modalities.

Our projects seek to reduce the burden of avoidable illness, reduce health inequalities and enhance the effectiveness of health and care interventions.

Our key research areas are:

A research student using lab equipment

Innovative Engineering

Our engineering research creates technological solutions to real world problems and needs, advancing the fundamental understanding of engineering and applied science.

Importantly, our expertise is leveraged through partnership working with industry and commerce to co-develop and apply our technology, engineering and management know-how. 

Our Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre leads the Bradford Science Bridges China programme, which brings together scientists, companies and hospitals from the UK and China to develop areas in drug discovery, drug delivery and medical technology

Research students working in an engineering laboratory.

Sustainable Societies

Many countries across the world face significant challenges in developing sustainable societies. Many countries are riven by war and conflict; energy, food, water and other resources are being rapidly depleted weak governance and economic models have led to corruption and stark inequalities.

The academic theme of Sustainable Societies will support growth in economic, political and relational well-being for current and future generations through innovative research and teaching and knowledge transfer programmes.

Key centres at the University include:

A group of refugees