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Success Stories- Esquoia


Esquoia are a start-up company who have innovated the standard notebook. Their product comprises of a notebook which can be re-used due its whiteboard features.

To begin manufacturing the notebooks, Esquoia began a Kickstarter campaign to gather the £7,500 needed which was achieved in just 7 days. The campaign raised a total of £20,801, almost triple the initial amount requested.

The founding members of Esquoia are former University of Bradford students Valdemar Tunkevic, Dontas Beksa, Boris Livet and Daniel Gonsales Kasas. They began their business plan in the re:centre and have cited the help they received as a contributing factor to their success “The office space at the re:centre has been especially useful- we’ve met some great people and have been able to really focus on developing our ideas and moving the business forward” .

Esquoia were amongst the winners of the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Awards 2014.