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Two Faces of Interdisciplinary Working

Published: 2 August 2017

Bradford researchers create exciting new opportunities by working together on physical and technology innovations in facial perception and recognition.

An exciting collaboration has begun between Prof Hassan Ugail’s computer based face perception research in Engineering and Informatics, and Dr Andrew Logan’s physical experimentation of human face perception in Life Sciences.

At the time of their introduction, Prof Ugail had been developing a state of the art artificial intelligence enabled face recognition system for the UK Police, in collaboration with the local Leeds based company Acume Forensic Ltd as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) project. Dr Logan had been studying how humans recognise faces and the circumstances as well as limitations of human face perception, in order to answer questions as deep as how the brain recognises and processes faces. 

Research and Knowledge Transfer Support made connections between their independent work, and introduced them to each other and they quickly identified synergies and ways to collaborate. In around six months they appointed a joint PhD student to look at face perception for race and ethnic identification using both machine and human means. Further work is also underway to apply for EPSRC or other appropriate funding to deepen their understanding of the connection and potential for research into human face perception using both approaches.

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