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University of Bradford academics work to transform city services across Europe

Published: 04/09/2017
University of Bradford academics work to transform city services across Europe

Researchers at the University of Bradford are working with nine ‘smart cities’ across Europe to help them save up to €50m by using ‘smart’ technologies – collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT) - to improve the delivery of public services.

The five-year Smart Cities and Open Data Re-use (SCORE) project sees the University of Bradford working alongside the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands and Aarhus University in Denmark to develop innovative ideas including interactive dustbins that can sense when they are full, intelligent car parks that can highlight empty spaces and real-time flood-warning information data that could save lives.

These ideas will be trialled and potentially implemented in cities across Europe, including Aarhus, Amsterdam, Aberdeen, Bergen, Bradford, Dordrecht, Ghent, Gothenberg and Hamburg.

 “The aim of the project is to improve the delivery of public services, using innovative software and data sharing,” says Dr Dhaval Thakker, Lecturer in Computing and SCORE project principal investigator at the University of Bradford. “Our role is to use our expertise in creating IoT inspired solutions, to assist cities in developing new, and more efficient ways of delivering essential services.”

As part of the project, the SCORE partners will define 12 shared challenges to improve municipal services, covering services like the environment, water, parking and sustainable transport. They will then be tested in ‘living labs’, with the data and insights generated shared across all partners, helping them to implement these solutions.

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