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Research and Capacity Building Programmes

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The Centre conducts innovative and challenging research on key aspects of the nexus of peace, security, conflict, governance and development in contemporary African. Researchers explore these areas theoretically, engaging critically with current debates to highlight new ways and perspectives of understanding Africa, beyond the dominant and traditional interpretations. Scholars also investigate the nature, context and dynamics of conflict, focusing on post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuiling, poverty and inequality, natural resources and conflict in order to illustrate the impacts and implications of political and development processes. Staff in the Centre have led the following cutting-edge and influential research:

• Addressing the Balance of Burden in AIDS: Research Programme Consortium (RPC) 2006-2011. This RPC helped DFID to drive forward its strategy for assisting countries to tackle HIV and AIDS as well as improve the effectiveness of efforts to reduce poverty and to achieve the MDGs.

• Social Reintegration of Child Soldiers: OSSREA-funded research project examines the impact of war on children, focusing on the social reintegration of Child Soldiers in the post-conflict countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Uganda.