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Applied Mathematics Research Group

The work of the group covers the areas of quantum computing, discrete mathematics, space science, theory of elasticity, probability theory, statistics and reliability. Current projects of group include:

  • Quantum computing, quantum optical communications and quantum control.
  • Analytic functions in quantum mechanics and quantum computing.
  • Josephson superconducting qubits, quantum gates.
  • Galois fields, p-adic numbers and their applications to coding.
  • Time-frequency analysis and wavelets.
  • Pattern recognition and classification with supervised and unsupervised methods (Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Markov Chain Monte-Carlo (MCMC), Support Vector Machine (SVM), Principle Component Analysis (PCA)).
  • Data mining and machine learning applications to long time series, ontology, webpages.
  • Statistical properties of solar and geomagnetic activity and their effect on climate change.
  • Particle acceleration and precipitation in flaring atmospheres with density gradients.
  • Observations and modelling of sunquakes associated with solar flares.
  • Solution of non-linear partial differential equations and their systems.
  • Continuum mechanics, theory of Elasticity.
  • Probability and statistics.
  • Reliability theory.

The group has a very high international profile and collaborates with many universities worldwide.