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Centre for Visual Computing

Centre for Visual Computing - Satellite images (JPEG, 20KB)

The Centre for Visual Computing is unique in bringing together computational, physiological and psychological expertise to undertake world-leading R&D in digital imaging, visualisation, human visual perception, computer-based simulations and machine learning. This brings a unique perspective to bear on industry challenges and yields innovative solutions in a diverse range of sectors and application areas.

By combining our expertise with state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to measure, evaluate, model, visualise and intelligently analyse 2D and 3D data. We work with organisations in healthcare, visual media, personal care and security in a number of ways providing services ranging from R&D and consultancy to bespoke software development and digital content creation.

The centre is forward-thinking in its strong interdisciplinary approach providing opportunities for research and knowledge transfer collaborations across a wide spectrum of fields and with a large set of external partners (e.g. National Media Museum, NHS, ESA, Autodesk, Xerox and QinetiQ).

We are looking to solve business problems in areas of medical imaging, telemedicine, biometrics and face recognition, computer gaming, display device evaluation and product design through digital modelling.