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Communications Systems Engineering

Mobile and Satellite Communication Researcher (JPEG, 20KB)

We have a long and established history of research in the field of communication systems engineering, which can be traced back to the mid ‘80s.

Through participation in many influential pan-European, national and industrially-funded research projects, a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise and know-how have been gathered, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of research and development. In particular, we have a strong presence in the EU research community, contributing significantly to various EU Framework Programme projects in the ICT and Aeronautics and Transport areas.

Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Research

Our mission is to advance awareness and understanding of telecommunications engineering through addressing global research challenges, transferring knowledge and developing worldwide strategic partnerships.

Research is divided into a framework of focused, key themes, conducted by the following research teams:

  • Future Ubiquitous Networks (FUN)
  • Communications and Networking
  • Wireless Sensors and Embedded Systems
  • Future Internet and Middleware
  • Satellite Communications

Research dates back to radio propagation characterisation in the 1970s.

  • The EC-funded Satellite Communications Network of Excellence (SatNEx)
  • We have performed research for the Indian Space Research

Organisation and the European Space Agency (ESA)

  • Electromagnetics, Antennas, Propagation and Radio Frequency Engineering.

Well-established with more than three decades of research activity. Notable achievements include:

  • Exploration of the optimal design of MIMO antenna systems to the world’s largest operator Pace company for their short-range wireless communications systems through a two-year knowledge transfer programme
  • Investigation of electromagnetic field distributions in biological cells
  • Novel work on antenna research to develop novel balanced antennas for application in current and future wireless mobile communication systems
  • Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Scheme project on detection of demodulation in cells
  • Advanced Signal Proccessing

This research team has developed the Very Fast Fourier Transform technique which has applications in mobile and wireless communications, particularly OFDM and WiMAX, as well as in image processing. Examples projects include:

  • A wide-band low jitter system for digital transmission using a dual phase-locked loop
  • IIR Transient Responses Improvement by Initialisation Techniques
  • MMIC circuit design for wide range frequency bands
  • Software Defined Radio Technology for aeronautics communications
  • Mobile Robotics and Power Electronics

A multidisciplinary area bringing together expertise from mechanical engineering, vehicular systems, electronics, software design and telecommunications. Applications include, wireless sensor networks for robotics, applied artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, educational applications and remote sensing. Example projects include

  • High-power converters: current source inverters, matrix converters, series connections of IGBTs
  • Power electronics applied to advanced all-electric injection moulding machines
  • Regenerative braking in car
  • Robotics applications in office spaces and educational institutions