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Cyber Security Research

Our research fits into three main themes:

  • social engineering
  • information security
  • online radicalisation

Research in these themes spans the University with contributions in cryptography, ethical hacking, forensic analysis, network security, operations and technology management, national and international security, and digital healthcare. This combination of expertise is unique to Bradford. It offers the potential to design novel business solutions (link), develop unique research grant proposals, and provide a wide-ranging set of opportunities for postgraduate study (link).

Within these themes we are working hard to address some of the worlds cyber security challenges including data breaches, online grooming for sexual exploitation or radicalisation, and cyberbullying; all commonplace in today's digital world. The problem is huge and continuing to grow with ransomware threats rising by 300% in 2015. Cyber attacks have affected 85% of organisations, one in three children have been a victim of cyberbullying, and in an average week the CTIRU are removing 1,000 pieces of terrorism content.

We thrive on working with businesses and academics from outside the Centre. When we work with businesses our academics and students really benefit. What we learn from industry enriches and informs further research and changes the way we teach. Teaching informed by industry insight gives our students a more relevant experience and they are better equipped to find work when they graduate. When we work with academics outside our Centre, particularly those outside the University, we open up opportunities to expand our knowledge and create new solutions to cyber security problems.