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Areas of expertise

Medical engineering research at Bradford is focused and shaped by the research interests of the team members. These academics encompass a wide range of disciplines and have international reputations in their respective fields. Their principle areas of expertise include:

  • Dr John Buckley: clinical biomechanics; human movement analysis; and rehabilitation engineering (prosthetics/orthotics).
  • Dr Mansour Youseffi: orthopaedic biomaterials; implant design; mechanical and corrosion testing; and cell and tissue engineering.
  • Dr Peter Twigg: tissue mechanics; biomaterial development; tissue engineering scaffolds; and atomic force microscopy.
  • Dr Colin Grant: biophysics, nanotechnology, tissue characterisation; cell and protein mechanics; and atomic force microscopy.
  • Prof. Clive Beggs: haemodynamics; intracranial biomechanics; neurovascular disease; epidemiological modelling; and infection control.
  • Prof. Simon Shepherd: biophysics; mathematical modelling; clinical signals; and genomic coding.

The members of the research team are all experienced academics with long track records in supervising post-graduate students and undertaking collaborative research.