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Hospice Apprenticeship Project

Published: Wed 12 Feb 2014
Hospice Apprenticeship Project

Sue Ryder's Manorlands received a grant from the Department of Health's 'Third Sector Investment Programme' in 2009 to run a pilot project. The main aim of the Hospice Apprenticeship Project was to increase the number of referrals to end of life care and palliative care services by the local Black Minority Ethnic (BME) community, by improving access and community engagement.

Traditionally people from minority groups who need end of life care and palliative care to control their symptoms and pain do not often access the services available in their area such as hospice care. In addition, unemployment levels in some parts of West Yorkshire are higher than national averages, and more so in youth unemployment. Sue Ryder identified this an area of improvement for local services but also for the sharing of good practice amongst other local providers and within our other care centres.

Through the Project funding, Sue Ryder:

  • recruited a dedicated project coordinator;
  • focused on the recruitment of apprentices, along with the mixture of learning and hands-on experience;
  • chose different work settings for the apprentices to work in;
  • identified unemployed individuals as their target audience, which helped actively contribute to community development and regeneration.

Dr Vanessa Taylor completed the final evaluation report for the Hospice Apprenticeship Project.

A summary version of the report and a two page summary looking at the key impacts and learning as well as opportunities for other providers/ organisations looking to implement a similar scheme is available to download at:

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