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Adila Altooqi

Full time PhD student

Adila Altooqi

Research title: An in-depth evaluation of managerial leadership succession planning efforts in Oman hospitals.

Supervisors: Dr Bryan McIntosh and Dr Dawn Clarke.

As leadership development and planning became a topical issue within Oman healthcare organizations, I have developed an interest in studying succession planning efforts for managerial leadership in Oman hospitals and understand the cultural barriers and challenges that hinder implementation of these efforts.

It is hoped that the findings in this study will highlight areas where researchers and practitioners at HRM will consider when developing succession models that are relevant and applicable to the cultural region.In addition, as a senior manager of a reputable hospital in Oman, this study will provide me with the expertise to assess, advice and recommend best practices to develop / improve succession planning in hospitals in Oman and countries of geographical similarities.

Alongside my role as a full time PhD student, I am a senior Manager in a 500 bed healthcare facility in the Sultanate of Oman with a Master of Art in Hospital Management.