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Elizabeth (Lisa) Milne

Part-time PhD student

Research title: A preliminary investigation into parents' understanding of the parent-infant relationship and how this impacts the interaction between the parent and their baby, with a particular focus on mind mindedness and joy: has the research reached the people who matter?

Supervisors: Professor Neil Small, Dr Sally Johnson (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bradford), Dr Gillian Waters (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bradford).

My work role is Perinatal Mental Health Lead and parent-infant therapist within the NHS. I therefore work with the parent-infant relationship on a day to day basis and I have become interested in how parents change their relationship with their baby the more that they understand their baby.  

I am interested in the explosion of research regarding infant’s relational capacities, attachment and the parent-infant relationship.  My research is focused on how parents understand these issues, the narrative they have, and the impact this understanding has on the parent-infant relationship.  This may inform interventions that help parents build narratives that enable them to be the companion that their infant needs.

I am intending to engage in Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis as an approach to understand parents meaning making of the parent-infant relationship as well as using observation measures