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Jamie Beck

Part-time PhD Student

Jamie Beck

Research title: A retrospective analysis of the contribution of the radiological skeletal survey to the establishment of suspicious injuries in case of suspected non-accidental injury in children.

Supervisors: Prof Maryann Hardy and Dr Andrew Wilson (Archaeology).

Jamie is a lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography at the University of Bradford. He commenced his PhD in January 2015. He is currently working part time on his PhD and continuing to work as a lecturer in radiography.

I became interested in undertaking a PhD after working in education for ten years. During this ten year period I completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice and my MSc in Medical Imaging. Commencing a PhD appeared the logical next step to benefit me personally, the Faculty and the wider profession. I have been a long standing member of the International Association of Forensic Radiographers and have been interested in medico-legal practices for a number of years. Undertaking a PhD represents a considerable challenge but one that I am determined will be ultimately successful.

The environment for study at Bradford is very well set up. There is an opportunity for peer support as a large research office exists for PhD students. In addition regular supervisory meetings are offered in addition to regular lunchtime tutorials.

It is hoped that following my research I will be able to dramatically improve our professional understanding of the imaging of suspected non-accidental injury in children. The Faculty of Health Studies have provided me with the opportunity to undertake the study within one of the central themes of the Faculty which is service improvement. The Faculty has a reputation for striving to protect vulnerable groups. Children in particular can be exceptionally vulnerable and the investigation into any suspected non-accidental injury in a child needs a multi-disciplinary approach. Imaging has long been fundamental to that approach and my study intends to consider whether the most appropriate imaging techniques are being used.