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Kingsley Utam

Full Time PhD Student

Research title: How can ethnic minority inclusion in multinational organisations lead to enhanced organisational performance?

Supervisors: Professor Uduak Archibong and Dr Sean Walton (University of Salford).

Background Information: Kingsley Utam works as an academic staff with the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). He began his career in the telecoms industry where he worked as a Customer Service and Sales Executive. He joined NOUN in 2011 as a lecturer with the School of Management Sciences. His First Degree is in Business Administration and Master's in Organisational Behaviour.

He is currently a full-time PHD student of Inclusion and Diversity management. His interest in Diversity management developed as a result of NOUN’s intention to establish a department of Diversity Management in the School of Management Sciences since presently no Nigerian University runs a degree program on Diversity Management. It has become necessary for the country to manage its diversity as events of the past years have proven that without a deliberate effort to manage the country’s diversity, the needed environment to foster growth and development in both the public and private sectors will be a mirage.

Background: In a rapidly changing business environment, issues on multiculturalism and diversity are getting more attention in Multinational Corporations. With globalisation, many corporations now consist of workforces from multiple cultural, ethnic, religious, social, political, and sexual backgrounds. As a result organisations are increasingly embracing inclusion as an alternative approach to managing diversity. Thus, this research focuses on how to promote inclusion of ethnic minorities and culturally diverse groups within organisational strata in Nigerian to improve organisational performance using a mixed methodological approach.

Research Focus: His research is focused on Ethnic Minority Inclusion: A Means to Achieving Organisational Effectiveness.  How can ethnic minority inclusion in multinational organisations lead to enhanced organisational performance? The study will attempt to identify and study organisational practices and characteristics that promote the inclusion of various ethnic groups within the different corporations under study.

It is hoped that on completion of this PHD project, he would have gained the knowledge and skills required of a professional researcher and positioned to contribute to academic research in Diversity and Inclusion, while helping to develop strategies needed for managing diversity and inclusion within work organisations and beyond.