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Liana Nagy

Full-time PhD Student

Research title: Socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic differences in sedentary behaviour among primary school aged children - part of the Born in Bradford study.

Supervisors: Prof Mohammed Mohammed, Dr Sally Barber (Bradford Institute for Health Research) and Dr Maria Horne (University of Leeds).

Prior to starting a full time PhD (February,2015), I have worked as a Specialist Children’s Occupational Therapist in the NHS.

I have expertise in working with children in a wide range of settings and across a variety of cultures: mainstream and special needs schools, home environment, hospitals, child development centres, respite facilities, children’s homes, and summer camps. Having worked with children in the UK, US and Romania, I am aware of the multitude of factors that impact on children’s health and the importance of the socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic factors.

I am extremely excited about being part of the Born in Bradford study and contributing to identifying barriers and facilitators for reducing sedentary behaviour among children.  Sedentary behaviour is a major public health  issue that affects children and adults across the world and has long term negative health and financial implications.  It is also an issue that is now affecting a wider range of the population due to major changes in lifestyle behaviour.  This research aims to identify what factors lead to high levels of sedentary behaviour in childhood, and understand how these differ between different socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic groups.  Such understanding is necessary for building effective and sustainable interventions tailored around specific needs of different groups.