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Sabo Dagona

Full-time international PhD student

Research title: Preoperative inoculation as a means of reducing anxiety in patients undergoing surgical operation.

Supervisors: Prof Udy Archibong and Dr Tracy McClelland.

Sabo Dagona is a Clinical Psychologist and a lecturer in Yobe State University, Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria. He started his PhD in July 2014.

Preoperative anxiety is increasingly recognised as a serious problem affecting surgical patients. It has been described as a distressing level of tension, apprehension, dread and nervousness disproportionate to the threat of surgery being confronted.  Anxiety increases the experience of postoperative pain, affects the functions of the immune system, delays surgical wound healing and causes instabilities of the patients’ vital. The combined effects of these, lead to post-surgical complications, prolonged hospital stay, and consumption of higher doses of post-operative analgesics.

Drug therapy is the popular choice for reducing preoperative anxiety. Recent studies have shown that this method, regardless of its success, affects the body systems of the patients.  It also causes post-surgical complications, delays the discharge of patients from the hospital and from the economic perspective, increasing the cost of medication.  Since preoperative anxiety is not the illness for which the surgery is planned, reducing it with non-pharmacological intervention will save the patients from the dangers of adverse drug effects, reduce their hospital stay and their cost of medication.

I am undertaking a study to develop a psychological intervention technique for reducing preoperative anxiety in patients undergoing surgical operation.