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Sarah Broadhead-Crofts

Part Time PhD Student

Sarah Broadhead-Crofts

Research title: The acceptability of nipple stimulation amongst midwives and pregnant women for cervical effacement and induction of labour to prevent medical induction of labour for post term pregnancies.

Supervisors: Dr Mel Cooper and Dr Maria Horne (University of Leeds).

I am a registered midwife currently working in a local NHS Trust as a clinical midwife and undertaking my PhD part time. I commenced my PhD in October 2014.

I became interested in this area from personnel experience during my own pregnancies and also from clinical experience as a midwifery student when I realised the limited choices available and pressures often exerted on women as their pregnancies became post term.  I am particularly interested in the link to self-induction, empowerment, increased control and improved maternal satisfaction and exploring any cultural differences that may exist. 

Although combining clinical work, particularly as a newly qualified midwife and a part time PhD is challenging, the opportunity to potentially affect current midwifery practice and improve choice and outcomes for pregnant women makes it worthwhile.

The PhD set up at the University is very good and includes, the opportunity to conduct Masters modules in research if required to ensure research knowledge is up to date, peer support through groups such as Journal Clubs and Learning Sets, an office dedicated to Faculty of Health PhD students and a brand new PhD facility including facilities such as support services, meeting facilities and a chill out zone just for PhD students.