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Saudat Adeka

Part-time PhD student

Saudat Adeka

Research title: Sustainability of a Healthy workplace in the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Nigeria.

Supervisors: Prof Udy Archibong and Dr Tracy McClelland.

Millennium Development Goals have an unprecedented scope due to its’ global impact. It is a form of global solidarity, and thus depicts the interconnectedness of the global community’s responsibility towards each other in terms of welfare, respect for human rights & the rule of Law for shared belief in human dignity (Kofi-Annan, 2006).

The formulation and adoption of the eight  Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in September 2000 at the UN assembly buttress the UN’s interest towards development (UN-MDGs Declaration, 2000).

The study seeks to explore the achievement made by the participant organization in the realization of Goal 6 (combat diseases). The particular effect of Goal 6 on gender/women within the studied organizations shall be examined.  The private sectors/ organizations role in MDGs was not clearly defined from the scratch (Sachs, 2012). Hence, the study seeks to examine their impact on the MDGs.  The methodology is a case study with a mixed method research design involving qualitative and quantitative data using a structured interview instrument and accessing records for data collection process.