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Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

This research group operates within the Institute of Life Science Research that hosts academic groupings working on a number of research themes across the School of Life Sciences as well as the 150 PhD students completing their doctoral work in the School of Life Sciences. 

Research staff from the Bradford School of Pharmacy are mostly involved in the Neurosciences research theme, cellular and molecular biology or carry out research associated with the Centre for Skin Sciences or the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics

Cell biology and drug discovery and development

Bradford School of Pharmacy has been internationally recognised in Neuropharmacology, utilising preclinical behavioural models to develop novel agents for the treatment of a range of psychiatric disorders, and the underlying neurochemical processes.  Significant opportunities exist for researchers utilising these approaches.  With the recent appointment of a number of number of staff with we have significantly enhanced our capacity in cellular and molecular biology, with a specific focus in the areas of target identification and drug discovery in disease areas which include neurodegeneration (Alzheimer’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s Disease), cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal disease with the emphasis on shared technologies underpinning identification of disease processes, identification of drug targets and tool compound identification. 

Lead Academic: Professor Tim Palmer.

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