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Research in Economics at Bradford

The Division’s research is focused around the theme of Applied Economics, Policy and Society.

This includes inquiry into the economic interaction between countries and regions encompassing globalisation and trade, together with the individual and social dimensions of economic problems, the foundations and implications of economic analysis and the application of an economic approach to social and political questions.

Reflecting the policy-focus of this research, staff have conducted research, provided consultancy services or given evidence to House of Commons select committees (including the Treasury), the Arts Council, the Home Office, Employment Market Analysis and Research branch of the Department of Trade and Industry, Transparency International, the British Academy, the Department for International Development, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the European Union and the United Nations.

Current areas of research and PhD supervision include:

  • Consumption, lifestyle, culture and behaviour
  • Corruption and anti-corruption policy
  • Conflict economics
  • Dynamic macroeconomics
  • European economic integration
  • Industrial economic applications
  • Labour market flexibility
  • Local economic performance
  • Political economics
  • Policies for trade and growth
  • Progressive economic policy
  • The dark side of human nature
  • The impact of foreign direct investment and trade on growth
  • The impact of Regional Trade Agreements

Staff publications 2012

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Staff publications 2013

Baimbridge, M. (2013) Designing ab initio postgraduate degrees; in The Handbook for Economics Lecturers, HE Academy Economics Network/Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol.

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Staff publications 2014

Baimbridge, M. (2014) Prospects and challenges: the EU Strategic Agenda, E-International Relations

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Staff publications 2015

Baimbridge, M. (2015) Economy and monetary union; in Demetriou, K. (ed.) The European Union in crisis: explorations in representation and democratic legitimacy, Springer, Berlin, pp. 75-100.